About DeKind Computer Consultants

Proactive innovation to help you work smarter

Technology by its very nature continues to advance...filling needs and creating new demand for more refined and intuitive service products.

The most successful companies recognize the need to partner with a technology firm that can help them harness the most advanced, and secure technology to help them work smarter and more efficiently.

At DeKind Computer Consultants, we are committed to our roles as proactive solution managers...utilizing the latest technology and methods to help our clients work smarter! Our relentless pursuit of cutting edge IT solutions ensures that our clients always receive unparalleled knowledge and unmatched value.

It’s not enough for us just to “fix” your computer problems. Our goal is to protect and prevent technology interruption, by offering our clients a “Total Care” solution. At every turn, our skilled technicians will research and recommend the very best products and technology to keep your systems running smoothly.

The DeKind Team