Desktop and Server Support

When your PC goes from being your favorite tool to a troublesome plastic box, and you feel a pressure in your head, you've got a hard-drive headache. Call DeKind Computer Consultants to get fast relief and the support you need.

  • DeKind can service both business and residential computers
  • Virus removal, spyware cleanup and error troubleshooting
  • Software installation
  • Hardware upgrades and replacement parts

Network & Business Support:

Businesses are looking for a competitive advantage with today’s technology. DeKind offers maintenance and support services, including:

  • Error tracking and problem resolution
  • End user support Technical troubleshooting
  • Application upgrades and custom enhancements
  • Web content updates
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Documentation development and maintenance

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Server Support:

Servers are not a luxury: they are a necessity to maintain your business. The good news is that a server can help you build a better business and increase your efficiency and productivity.

The key is to find the right server, the server that gives you room to grow, is easy and cost-effective to own and operate, and will hold its value over time. If you choose wisely, a business server can be one of the best investments you've ever made.