Remote and Mobile Data Access

You’re sitting with your client and boot up your laptop to make the sale. Only the presentation isn't there. It's safe and sound – back at your office. You forgot to transfer the files from your desktop to your laptop before you ran out the door.

It takes just one horror story like this to see why remote access is so important. When you’re looking for a remote access solution, look to DeKind Computer Consultants. We are able to provide you with the remote control software that you need – whether it’s for your laptop or your entire network.

Remote Support

For some problems, only the human touch will do. But what if you’re miles away from a technician or are waiting on the phone for hours to get any technical support? Our 24/7 Live Support Technicians can “virtually” see what the problem is and provide instant, secure solutions. We work with you to quickly solve problems as they are happening.

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